The Ambassador’s Letter

If ever you have read any of the issues, please give a review or comment your thoughts in the comment section below. I would really love to read and connect with you. Thank you. Be blessed!

Volume 1 Issue 3: Selah


This newsletter contains:

  • 12 pages in PDF format
  • Bible-based topics
  • High definition images
  • Editor’s Letters
  • Recommendations (i.e. podcast, playlist, etc.)

The topics include:

  • How rest is important every season
  • To take time to find rest and not haste
  • Resting at the right place

Volume 1 Issue 2: Divergent

PHP 150.00 / USD 3.50

This newsletter contains:

  • 12 pages in PDF format
  • Bible-based topics
  • Introduction to topics
  • High definition images
  • Editor’s Letter
  • A podcast and song recommendation

The topics include:

  • Counter-culture Christian lifestyle
  • Defying cancel culture
  • Freedom from allowing others to misunderstand you
  • Living your true and original identity
  • Choosing to follow God’s grace

Volume 1 Issue 1: Pilgrimage

PHP 150.00 / USD 3.50

This newsletter contains:

  • 9 pages in PDF format
  • Bible-based topics on a Christian’s faith journey
  • High definition images
  • Editor’s Letter

The topics include:

  • Ones Faith Journey based on Psalms 23
  • What to do when you feel distant from God
  • How to choose among good choices
  • What to do when your habits fail you

What is The Ambassador’s Letter?

THE AMBASSADOR’S LETTER is a mini-book newsletter and electronic magazine that contains articles of interesting and relevant topics for young Christians today.

Each issue will be released every other two months and will have its own unique theme and its features are be based on that theme.

The main feature consists of three articles (or letters) that are relevant to the main theme. There may sometimes be minor features that consists of podcast, song, and/or reading suggestions for the reader to check them out.

There will also be message from the editor from at the beginning at last page of the issue.

Few Important Notes:

⋆ The newsletter is in PDF format.
Contents are exclusive and will not be published for public in any platform.

6 thoughts on “The Ambassador’s Letter”

  1. Hello, Ate! I’m done reading the ambassador’s letter. I’m in tears😢. I’ve been struggling when it comes to growing in faith lately. and I feel so discouraged and frustrated about it. It feels like I am stucked, and there’s no way out. I’m desperate about seeking Him, but there are days when my mind and my environment doesn’t cooperate. There are days when I get so overwhel.ed by all that is happening and ends up crying because of that helpless feeling. Yet, you reminded me that God is here with me, that He’s watching over me. That He sees that I am struggling and He wants me to keep on walking even if I feel lost, to keep going even if everything doesn’t makes sense. Thank you for this priviledge, Ate. May the grace and peace of God always be with you. God bless you alwaaays 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Diana! Thank you for sharing your story, I really appreciate that. It’s really saddening when the enemy is shaking everyone’s faith this past weeks and months. But I hope you’ll keep clinging to the Lord. He sees your heart. Thank you again for taking the time! God bless you always, too.


  2. Hello @HisBreathofGrace!

    Congratulations on your first issue of The Ambassador’s Letter! I was really looking forward to this!

    Thank you for lovingly speaking the truth to us. God used you to remind us that no amount of failures can ever change His love for us. I also like how you encouraged us to lean on the grace of God for our growth. Truly, God’s grace is all that we need.

    I really appreciate your generosity not only for letting me grab a free copy of your newsletter but also for sharing your faith journey to us.

    Maraming salamat po! God bless po! ❤


    1. Hi Hanah! So glad to see someone with the same name as I have. Thank you so much for being part of this little milestone of mine. It’ll always be an honor for me to share to you what God has been doing in my life. My heart is glad to touch precious hearts like yours. Thank you, again. This means so much to me!

      God bless you, too!


  3. Hi ate! Done reading pilgrimage po 🤧🥺 It’s my privilege to have a free copy po 🙏 Thankyou so much 😭🤗 I felt that all that was written in this newsletter is for me. 😭 Lately, I’ve been struggling with the consistency of my devotions, and I’ve been struggling to change my bad habits that results in blaming myself most of the time, because I’ve been repeating the cycle over and over again. Thankyou ate for this, because God reminded me again that I am not my habits. That I should be kind to myself more and not to rush things to change without enduring the process. That I should embrace and grow in the season that He put me and to not to overthink a lot of what will happen in the future. This newsletter reminded me that at the end of the day, what is important is, I belong to God and my purpose to know Him and to make Him known. Thankyou po ate!!! Nabitin po ako hehe Hopefully I could purchase the next issue because it is a little bit pricy for me (kuripot po ako sorry tas wala po ako source of income now hehe:<) but the content is worth it po. 💯 Thankyou for being blessing po! Godbless 🙏💓

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe! Thank you! I’m so blessed to be used to bless you, Fatima. The contents are from my experiences and how God worked in me. I’m so glad God used those to speak to others. 💜 Don’t worry, it’s okay to be kuripot sometimes because we are called to be good managers of our financial blessings. But I’m thinking to lower the price of the newsletter next time. Hope you can get a copy then, too! ☺️ God bless you!


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