Her Story

Hi, I’m Hanna. It means grace.

I love reading and writing, and I love Math. I love milktea, coffee, and cakes. I love quiet and serene spaces.

Above all, I am loved by Jesus.

Everyday, I’m on a journey to loving Him more and loving people more with His love.

I’m the kind of girl who would choose to read at the corner instead of going to parties. The one who will trade carnivals with coffee shops. The one who would rather listen to hours of stories than play games.

The one who would rather talk to people face to face, with raw and honest words.

Either you’re like me, or quite the opposite, whoever you are, you are always welcome here.

I am blessed to have you here.

Enjoy your time!

Her Writing Journey

I started sharing about my faith in 2016 on my personal IG account. Passionate about Jesus and the life He has given me, I decided to create a blog site in 2018.

I have been blogging here at His Breath of Grace, while it has been through many names before. There was hesitation at first because of self doubt and I just couldn’t get the confidence just like the other bloggers or writers. Yet God encouraged me through my brother. He pushed me to just do it.

Following the Lord’s leading, I chose to just do it anyway, and over the process, I learned that desiring God and desiring to share Him to others is consuming my self doubt.

True enough, as the Lord hears His beloved’s prayer, He is faithful to provide and grow my blog. Over time, it has extended to a Facebook Page.

Truth is, writing is not all bliss and cloud9. There were many times when I felt frustrated because I couldn’t write anything, or that I only have few readers. But whenever I feel that, I always find God sending people to encourage me and remind me of my purpose again.

There will be times when you just feel off about it, but when you desire the thing that God desires for you, He will sustain you and give you grace to rest and then continue again.

I hope that I have encouraged you, too. If you’re reading this with the hopes of putting up your blog someday, this is your confirmation that that someday is today!

Just do it, pray for it, and the Lord will be your guide along the way.

Write because you got stories to tell.


11 thoughts on “Her Story”

  1. My youngest daughter’s name is Hannah, too. Last April, I had that name come to mind and said to my husband, “If we ever have another little girl, I want to name her Hannah”. I love the story of Hannah’s prayer for a child, and I thought, yes, that’s the kind of woman I want my girls to grow up to be! Well, lo and behold, we found out we were pregnant a couple months later, and I knew it was a girl.
    Anyway, there is such sweet meaning in that name. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww congratulations! I’m sure you’re going to be great parents for her, and may the Lord bless her all her life. Hannah is such a sweet name indeed, and so your daughter is.

      Thanks for sharing this. God bless your fam!


  2. It feels good to read about you. Also the meaning of Hanna is so beautiful and it’s wonderful that you are living up to your name. Wish you much Peace and Joy Hanna 🍀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hannah, Hanna, Hanah, Anna – When everyone thinks its a common name, I see the beauty behind its meaning (חַנָּה – Channah – favour, grace ). Very nice blog! Love it!.. Hope you have more blog to share..
    Btw, my daughter’s name is Hanah also. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I thought so too at first, my name is so common, but on the way, I learned to love it.
      Wow your daughter must be pretty also. 😉 Thank you! To God be the glory. 🙌


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