“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”

Who would’ve thought that we’d still be going through a pandemic after a year? Honestly, with all the advancements in our technology, I thought we would’ve defeated it within a few months. Although, as someone living in a country where the ones leading don’t care that much, I expected to have it longer, but not really this long.

In handling the global surge, you might’ve felt a little comfort by knowing that others are fighting with you and for you (a huge thanks to our frontliners, I’m with you in prayers always). However, in thinkin about your own personal battles, you might be thinking that no one knows, no one sees, and no one can relate. It feels like you’re fighting on your own and you just have yourself with you.

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. 
John 14:26-27

Somebody is with you.

During the ministry of Jesus with His disciples, He continually reminded them about His sacrifice to save the sinners, and then go back to His Father in heaven. This resulted to different reactions from the disciples, and one of them is worry.

Jesus has always been there in many seasons of their lives. When a relative was sick, Jesus healed. When a relative died, He gave life. They all turned to Jesus whenever something good or bad happened. And hearing that Jesus would leave made their hearts troubled, anxious, and even afraid. Not only because they have depended on Him all their lives, but also because He has been a friend to them—His presence alone made a great impact in their lives.

I would probably feel the same, or worse. If a close friend, whom I can depend on and have spent a significant time in my life with, suddenly tells me they’re going to leave, I’d be devastated and feel helpless. Not mainly because they can help me with anything I go through, but because their presence alone gives assurance and peace that I’m not alone. I know someone’s here to celebrate my wins and mourn my losses with me.

However, before Jesus left, He comforted His disciples with the truth that He will send Someone in His behalf and be with the disciples all throughout their lives. And He did.

Those who believe in God the Father, in Jesus as their Lord and Savior, receives the Holy Spirit as well. Jesus sent Him, the Holy Spirit, to be our Helper. In another translation, He is our Advocate (NIV), Counselor (CSB) , Companion (CEB), Friend (MSG), and Comforter (KJV). The Holy Spirit serves a lot of roles just as who Jesus was to His disciples.

Dear friend, the Holy Spirit is your helper, advocate, counselor, companion, friend, and comforter.
He is with you today.

Spend time with Him.

We know this as doing devotions, reading the Bible, and praying. Sometimes, we enjoy doing so, especially when we have a fresh encounter with the Lord even though we’ve read the same verse a lot of times. And yet sometimes, we won’t feel anything, even enjoyment, and our quiet time just becomes another duty that we have to do daily.

You might think that you don’t always get excited when spending time with your friends, especially when you’re always with them, right? Sometimes, familiarity kicks in and we just get used to people being around. There will be times that we get used to it that soon we forget about how important they are to us. We forget that they’re presence is a big part of who we are and whom we’ve become. We forget that we need them every day just as much as we do in difficult times.

That’s alright. It’s part of our nature that we will not feel the same way all the time. Really, spending time with friends doesn’t always need to be a hyped, excited environment. It can sometimes just be a peaceful ambiance.

The same with spending time with the Lord.

The truth is, God’s presence is not dependent on how we feel. He is always there even though our feelings say otherwise. He doesn’t need you to be two-faced and fake your excitement when you come to Him. He always knows what’s in your heart and mind. What He wants is your decision to still come to Him despite what your heart is feeling.

Treat Him as your friend. And what we do with friends is we talk with them, when we don’t feel okay or when we feel okay.

His presence comes with a promise.

Here’s what makes the Holy Spirit special. We’re the ones who always need something, and we’re the one who’s always been given! And there’s only one prerequisite—choose to spend time with the Lord.

Humbling our hearts to hear the wisdom from the Holy Spirit comes with a promise: Peace.
And comes with peace is fearlessness.

The Holy Spirit calms the troubled hearts and quiet the reverberating thoughts. There is peace knowing that God’s plans prevail. There is fearlessness knowing that nothing can overthrow what God has purposed. (Psalm 33:11)

The Holy Spirit is sent so that we have someone to be our counselor when we’re confused in life. To be our comfort us when we’re anxious. To be our friend when we want to enjoy something or need someone. To be our guide and wisdom. He gives for us to overcome what the world gives.

Despite how you feel today, choose to hear the Lord. Seek the Lord and He will show you that you’re not going through things on your own.

7 thoughts on ““Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.””

  1. What a simple and truthful message. Finding peace in our lives today rests upon our willingness to rest and know that God is there. The assurance through our faith. Seeking him daily. Not looking for direction. Instead, seeking wisdom and committing ourselves over to His absolute will and care for our lives. Thank you for this message today.

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