The Rest We Need

That Samaritan woman who went to fetch water at noon time to avoid people because she knew she was the talk of their town having six men in her life.

That woman who tried to escape her complicated life to find peace at Jacob’s well.

That woman whom Jesus met and received the living water and the life she never knew she could have.

That woman who after encountering the Messiah, left all her worries and burdens behind because hope has come.

That woman who became a witness for Jesus no matter what she had done, no matter the situation in her was.

That woman who joyfully proclaimed the Messiah, the Lord, because she knew her problems are nothing compared to what Jesus offered.

That woman who was filled with gladness because whatever she was going through, they couldn’t compare to the hope and freedom she experienced.

That woman who, after living a very tiresome life with six men, found the genuine rest she needed from Jesus, the seventh Man.

I hope to always have that encounter with Jesus where all the problems just seem nothing because He is here and nothing compares to His presence.

The 3rd issue of The Ambassador’s Letter: Selah is now available for download. Here, we’re going to talk about finding the satisfying rest from God. We’re going to deal with questions like, “How do I really rest? Even when I spend time resting, I still end up feeling restless and it feels like I’m just wasting time.”

I hope that during this last month of the year, you’ll be able to find and experience that rest, the hope and security, the life filled with gladness from the Lord.

This issue is Christmas themed and the links in the PDF file are clickable.

The Ambassador’s Letter Volume 1 Issue 3: Selah

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7 thoughts on “The Rest We Need”

  1. As with the woman at the well, we all need to realize and remember that, no matter what you have done, when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you previous life is over and you become a new being. Thank you for the reminder.

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