Free Downloadable Materials for Your Soul

This is a list of downloadable resources that you can get for free. Devotionals, ebooks, etc., that are written by influencers and writers online. I hope that these materials will help you in your walk with God.

ONE| Berean Bible Society

The Berean Bible Society is an organization that focuses on Bible Study, helping Christians take joy in knowing the Lord and learning about Him. They have a lot of free materials such as The Berean Searchlight and article series on topics for Bible Study.

  • The Berean Searchlight is a monthly magazine or newsletter of Bible study topics. You can opt to have a hardcopy be mailed at your doorstep or receive in your email if you want to stay digital, for free. You can also check the issues of the past months or years and download them for free.
  • Bible Study is a list of topics which comprise article/s. The articles are downloadable and printable.

You can check out the Berean Bible Society here.

TWO| Materials by Coffee With Rach

Coffee With Rach is created by Rachael, an influencer from California. She actively shares her faith on Twitter and Instagram (@coffeewithrach). She has written quite a few materials and some of them are being sold at an affordable price in her website. These PDFs talk about her blogging tips and how to flee from the temptation of pornography and lust. She also has free downloadable materials on the Freebies section of her website:

  • 4 Tips For Your Quiet Time is a pdf guide and lesson to have an effective quiet time with the Lord
  • 5-day Bible Plan is a list of readings on James, Psalms, and Matthew for 5 days
  • The Psalms In 2 Weeks is composed of a daily sections of Psalms to read and finish within 2 weeks

You can download Rachael’s materials here.

THREE| Anchor of the Soul by Rica Peralejo and Her Team

Anchor of the Soul is a workbook by Rica and her team specially made for Lent season, but I think it’s still significant regardless of what season of the year we’re at. We can make use of a reminder from time to time.

To tell you about it, let me quote from her site

When we came out with this workbook years ago, we had every intention of giving people an opportunity to retreat their minds and their spirits from the very busyness of day-to-day living.

Anchor of the Soul,

Download the Anchor of the Soul here.

FOUR| Monthly Devotional by Pinoy Devo

Pinoy Devo is a group of Filipino writers and artists that come together to create a monthly devotional material. I’ve written for them before and I had a great journey writing with them for God’s glory.

They release their material monthly, each with interesting and relevant topics. The materials they release comes with a challenge and they post videos to encourage their readers to walk the talk. Their targeted audience is a group of young Filipinos, from teenagers to young professionals. Well, higher ages than that can still learn a lot from the perspective of these young writers and artist.

Go to Pinoy Devo FB page to see the latest material.

FIVE| Devotionals by Mariann Lopera

Mariann Lopera is a Filipino influencer who handles the blog She Writes For Jesus here in WordPress and on Facebook. She has written two devotionals this year named Free Indeed and Why We Should Stop Worrying.

  • Why We Should Stop Worrying is a 5-day devotional that tells the reader that there is no room for worry if one chooses to trust the Lord.
  • Free Indeed reminds you to keep walking in freedom. Silent battles, disappointments, bitterness, comparison and the closed doors may rob us our joy, but in Christ, we are already freed from the slavery of those things and we can choose to surrender them to the Lord.

You can check her devotionals here.

SIX| From Valleys to Mountaintops by Mikee Bercasio

Mikee Bercasio, writer of As Grace Abounds, is a friend of mine and is one of the writers of Pinoy Devo. Her eBook From Valleys to Mountaintops is about her testimony, a collection of her personal, intimate letters to our Lord Jesus. She created this eBook to encourage others with how Jesus has been her strength and stronghold in her low moments.

Download From Valleys to Mountaintops here.

SEVEN| Materials by Hanna Improso

Yes, that’s me! (Sorry for the shameless plug. Haha. I’m not a writer but I have something to share ♡). I have written two devotionals: One is a compilation of all that I’ve written for Pinoy Devo for the past year, and the other one is a 5-day devotional about redemption. I also have a compilation of letters that is helpful for those who are going through situations that stir their emotions and faith.

  • 30 Days of Daily Grace is a 30-day devotional that covers from seasons and transitions to anxiety and fear issues. Each day has a Respond section to challenge the reader to walk the talk. While I’m selling the PDF version, the contents are available for free to read online here.
  • Waves of Redemption: What to do when you fail God? is a 5-day devotional that journeys the life of Peter. It talks about how God redeemed Peter again and again and how his life is an example for us not to hide from God but to run to Him whenever we fail.
  • Be Still is a compilations of letters about grace, faith, hope, and love. You can download the first five letters for free.

Get Hanna’s eBooks here.

I will be adding some sites and organizations here from time to time so you might want to put this page on your bookmarks tab or save the page’s site. If you have more resources, you can comment them down to help our readers discover more and learn more about our Lord.


  • The Daily Grace Co. They have free reading plans and Bible Study articles accessible for free.

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    1. Thank you! And thanks for suggesting. I’m not sure if they pass the “high-quality” and “world-class” content, but I appreciate it! God bless you. 💜


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