To The Singles Waiting For “God’s Best”

This is for those who are still in the process of healing from their previous relationship.

This is for those who daily choose to guard their hearts after being broken by the pain and trauma of the past.

This is for those who have never experienced dating in their whole lives.

This is for the ones who choose to have a fruitful waiting season despite the temptations of the world.

This is for those who are persistently fighting for purity to glorify God in all the days of their lives.

This is for the singles who are currently enjoying their singleness, continually insisting to reserve their hearts for the right .

This is for those who are constantly believing for a godly relationship, godly dating, and godly marriage.

I hope that in your waiting season, you’d be encouraged by these quotes from great writers and preachers.

Mike Todd

“If you find a God-loving spouse who’s a good match for you, he can help you win the race of life God has put in front of you, and you can help him win his. But if the person you’re dating is consistently weighing you down or holding you back now, he’ll still be holding you back if you get married. Be patient and have grace, but if things don’t change, you’ve got to go—better to call it off sooner than later.”

“Singleness is the time for “I”: invest, imagine, and inspire. Invest in what you want to see grow in your life. Imagine what you could be tomorrow if you started today. And inspire others by using everything you have now to make a difference.”

“It’s bad enough in a dating relationship to be unequally yoked; it’s worse in marriage. So, if you’re single, don’t even get started on that road. Somebody wants to date you who doesn’t care about God like you do? Then remember that sometimes being intentional in dating means not even starting up together.”

Andy Stanley

“Are you the person the person you’re looking for is looking for?”

“You can’t give yourself fully to someone else as long as you are mastered by something else.”

“The healthier you are, the healthier your relationships can be. Truth is, your relationships will never be any healthier than you.”

“It’s a myth to think that once you find the right person, you will become a different person.”

“Weddings don’t change people. Weddings don’t educate people. Weddings don’t break bad habits.”

“You can’t give yourself fully to someone else as long as you are mastered by something else.”

Max Lucado

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

“Remember, you are special because I made you. And I don’t make mistakes.”

“Let God have you, and let God love you – and don’t be surprised if your heart begins to hear music you’ve never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before.”

Leslie & Eric Ludy

“A real man, the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to, is one who will respect her dignity, who will honor her like the valuable treasures she is. A real man will not attempt to rip her precious pearl from its protective shell, or persuade her with charm to give away her treasure prematurely, but he will wait patiently until she willingly gives him the prize of her heart. A real man will cherish and care for that precious prize forever.” — Leslie

“If God is going to write your loves story, He’s going to first need your pen.” — Eric

“Everything that originates from God will endure the test of time. Therefore, it is good to check out the origins of everything to make sure they were started by God.” — Eric

“Girls, if you will learn to wait patiently and confidently for God to bring a Christlike man into your life, you will not be disappointed. And guys, learn to treat women like the Perfect Gentleman, Jesus Christ If you do, you will not only be promoted out of “jerkhood,” but you will then be worthy of a beautiful princess of purity who is saving herself just for you.” — Eric & Leslie

“No matter how many rules we make for ourselves, rules don’t create godly relationships. Only leaning on our faithful Father and longing to please Him with everything we do will set the stage for a beautiful romance!” — Eric

“She [the wife of godly character] brings him [her husband] good, not harm, all the days of her life (Proverbs 31:12). Wait a minute! My mind raced. All the days of her life? What was that supposed to mean? I had yet to meet any woman who had been married all the days of her life. Did this verse mean that she tried to do her husband good…even before she met him?” — Leslie

Timothy Keller

“Within this Christian vision of marriage, here’s what it means to fall in love. It is to look at another person and get a glimpse of what God is creating, and to say, “I see who God is making you, and it excites me! I want to be part of that. I want to partner with you and God in the journey you are taking to his throne. And when we get there, I will look at your magnificence and say, ‘I always knew you could be like this. I got glimpses of it on earth, but now look at you!”

“Our culture says that feelings of love are the basis for actions of love. And of course that can be true. But it is truer to say that actions of love can lead consistently to feelings of love.”

Encouragements From Other Writers

“Ladies hear this. If a man isn’t following God, he isn’t fit to lead. If He doesn’t have a relationship with God, he won’t know how to have a relationship with you. If He doesn’t know God, he doesn’t know real love.” — Tony A. Gaskins Jr.

“Nothing proves that you love someone more than mentioning them in your prayers.” — Anon

“A godly relationship should build the one you have with Jesus, not replace it.” — The Soul Doctor

Dear singles, may you grow in the waiting. 🤍

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9 thoughts on “To The Singles Waiting For “God’s Best””

  1. These quotes are so cool they blessed my heart. The waiting can be hard but God’s best is worth waiting for. This was such a great encouragement…thank you.

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