Have A Little More Faith


You ask, because, indeed, this extreme situation that demands your utmost mental, emotional, and physical strength, has already drained the best out of you.

And when you’re tired more than ever, you can’t be someone who will go out of the boat in the middle of the storm and try to walk on water.

Maybe you’re thinking that if Peter, who chose to walk on the sea amidst the storm, was still seen to have a little faith, then how lesser would that make your faith be if you choose to stay inside?

Remember what faith is.

Faith is not something that would make God do the thing that you want to happen. God’s plans and actions do not depend on how big or little your faith is. As Andy Stanley said, His goodness and love do not depend on your faithlessness, but on His faithfulness.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1

Faith is being confident that God will remain faithful to His promises. Faith is being dependent and letting yourself be sustained in the shelter of the most High.

Faith is shifting your focus from your situation to the power of God. Faith is believing that God can do great and impossible things even though your situation says otherwise.

Yes, you might not be like Peter in your situation today, but remember that there are other characters in the story.

Those people who chose to stay in the boat and waited for Jesus.

If your faith is not the kind of faith that will bring you out of the boat to walk on water in the middle of the storm, let it be the kind of faith that will make you choose to stay inside to wait for Jesus and trust His power to cease the storm.

Have a little more faith by staying in the process that God meant for you to go through.

Have a little more faith by trusting that the Lord always has the upper hand.

Have a little more faith by waiting on the Lord’s right timing.

Have a little more faith by believing that He can turn things around.

Have a little more faith in every baby step even in small progress. Stay in the path, don’t avoid it, and don’t run away.

Where you are today, you are being shaped into a more holy and faithful version of you. God is teaching you to become more of who He is than who you were.

He is making you see His glory and power despite the sequence of events. And He is making your life become a testimony and a blessing to make others draw near to Him.

Have a little more faith.


Listen to Andy Stanley’s Your Move podcast entitled “What To Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do”.
(Spotify link: https://spoti.fi/31yBGg0)

Encouraging songs on Spotify: Don’t Fear There’s Hope (Quarantine Playlist)

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