Dear millennial, you don’t need to have it all together.

This is hard, but I wanna tell you this hurtful truth: you don’t have it all together.

Nobody ever has. And you don’t need to have everything figured out.

You might have seen a lot of your peers doing all the exciting and interesting stuff that you ever wanted for yourself. Others getting married, traveling, getting their own beautiful house, and all that great stuff.

While you’re just there, on your usual boring work day, or sitting on your couch doing some vlog marathon.

With all the social media is offering us today, other’s lives might look so perfect and interesting. And it might’ve brought you into thinking about yourself, and asking, why can’t my life be like that?

You might think they have it all together, and so should you.

But the truth is, they don’t, and neither should you.

You might be aiming the same things others have. Now you have a high expectation on your future situation, your family, your job, and in yourself. And you think all will go so well and nice when you achieve them, and believe that in this you’ll have your sense of security.

Yes, they’re nice and honestly great, but if you base your happiness in those fleeting things, you might not really get the “happiness” that you’ve wanted.

Because life doesn’t stop there. Life is messy. Trials, conflicts, and crisis will all surely come at some point.

Even when you already have those great things today or receive them in the future, you won’t really be able to stop adding some items on the list. There will be an unending bullets of high expectations and ideals.

You know deep inside that it all tires you out. You only have to realize today that above the happiness that depends on your “cloud 9” situation, what you need is joy and peace amidst chaos which only God can offer.

Knowing that you won’t have it all together is hard truth but believing it will free you from the pressure and stress that you’re putting on yourself, the pressure and stress which hinder you all the more to enjoy life.

Because you know what? You really don’t need to have it all together to have a joyful life.

You’re not meant to be a perfect child or parent or spouse, a perfect employee or boss, nor a perfect human being who plans a perfect future and smoothly get them.

Because you’re not meant to do everything perfectly.

You only have to do things excellently and honorably; that is to do them with love.

That’s what God wants from His children. He doesn’t need you to have everything figured out, because that is His job and He already did that. He has already planned your beautiful life and prepared your future needs just as He provided for you till now. He doesn’t need you to meet this world’s standard just so you would receive love, acceptance, and security.

Because even before all this, you’re already accepted, unconditionally loved, and eternally secured by the One who created your future.

And when you let that truth sink in, that’s when you’ll see that wherever you are, and whatever you currently have, you will have contentment in God, the contentment that brings joy.

So stop striving too much to achieve the impossible, perfect ideals. Stop basing your happiness in the fleeting, uncertain things. Stop the pursuit of contentment by achieving more, but learn to be content with gratitude even for the little things.

Learn to rest knowing that God’s design in your life is for you to love and be loved all the time. Take joy from where you are today knowing that your loving Father is always embracing you with abundant grace amidst all the uncertainties.

Be still because your future is in the hands who holds time.

You may not have it all together but here’s a healing truth: God has it all together.

Including you.

A Millennial

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