God, when my expectations are getting ahead of me, remind me of your will.

God, you know how my mind can be self-centered and stubborn without me knowing. And when you made it hoping for it to be filled by you, it delighted so much with what it can get apart from you.

Yet despite with every expectation it wants to happen, whenever there would be a little bit of a hint of you, let that thought of you be like a seed that will grow. Make my thought of you consume all the useless others inside. Consecrate my heart and make it wholly yours.

When I expect too much from people, remind me that every one is a work in progress.  That we are all still being molded by the perfecter of our faith. Help me to extend grace and be patient just like how you are gracious and patient with me, knowing that nobody is perfect and ideal.

When I get disappointed with people and their actions, remind me to put my hope back to you. Help me to trust you more than anyone else. Help me to depend on you because time and time again, people will fail, including myself.

Help me not to put my hope in them but rather in your limitless power and unconditional love. Because even when people fail, betray, and leave, one thing is sure; You never will.

When I expect too much from myself, remind me that I am limited. Allow me to see that there’s nothing that I’ve done on my own. That all my strength so far came from you and that in you alone I can continue.

Don’t let me get disappointed in myself, rather help me realize that there’s still room for my growth. Remind me that I am continually a work in progress and that mistakes happen in the process. And help me learn from them.

Teach me to be humble before the process that you made for me. In it, I can be more and have more of you, not of myself.

When I expect too much from you, remind me that your will doesn’t depend on what I want, rather on what you want for me. Your plans for me exceed way way far beyond what my eyes can see, what my heart can feel, and what my mind can imagine.

The pleasant things that I consider doesn’t always give you pleasure. So let me desire what’s on your mind and let me embrace your will with all humility and obedience. I give up all my plans and joyfully surrender them to you because you know what’s right for me. Because all You are is ultimately what’s right in me.

I give you my life’s messy canvas and all the colors because you can make the picture brand new, you give it worth, and you display it as a masterpiece. A masterpiece with every inch I can never be ashamed of.

Your strength, God, not mine. Your plans, God, not mine. Your will, God, not mine.

When my expectations is getting ahead of me and my eyes couldn’t even see that I’m approaching destruction, break every plan so that there would be nowhere for me to go but to you. God, take my expectations away and replace them with your peace that’s beyond understanding.

Pull me from my selfishness and bring me to your place, no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it is for me. Thank you because you promise that you will never give up on me.

God, when my expectations are getting ahead of me, remind me of your good, pleasing, and perfect will.


5 thoughts on “God, when my expectations are getting ahead of me, remind me of your will.”

  1. Hey Hanna!
    Love what you are doing with His Breath of Grace, you should check out UnBlemished! We would love to do a partnership and feature you on UnBlemished; if you are interested just use the Contact page on our page! 🙂

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