A Million Scars and a Broken Heart

No matter how broken it seems to you your heart is, it is never impossible to make it as good as brand new. It may seem good as dead in your perspective, yet God sees a potential of new beginnings and a beautiful breakthrough despite the horrible breaking.

A Million Scars and a Broken Heart is the third book by Joena San Diego.

This book deals with healing the wounds that have became scars. The scar of the past that you have to accept in order for you to move on, the scar of forgiveness that you have to continually endure because we ourselves have been forgiven, the scar of waiting that sometimes you anxiously doubt if it will still come, the scar of words that you allowed to destroy your peace and focus, the scar of expectations that left you hanging and devastated, and the scar of emotions that you have a hard time controlling with—these are the scars that may keep us reminded of the painful past. Yet one thing’s sure, they aren’t bleeding anymore.

You cannot be completely healed if you will not receive it. Healing has been offered but it’s your choice to have faith and receive with all your heart. It might not be instant, but the process is beautiful as you get to know more of God. I know that God does not heal us the way we want to be healed, but when we learn that it is better to be in God’s courts for a day than a thousand elsewhere, then there’s already no room for us to think about the pain and the resentment for people who did us wrong.

The end goal is this—to glorify God with our lives. That pain serves a greater purpose that we imagined. We might think it’s limited to our own growth, little did we know that it can be a testimony to encourage and give hope to many.

These are some of what I’ve learned from the book. It’s a great book for self-care and healing. It will remind you of the greater things that we should be more attentive to. It may remind you of the ugly past but it gives encouragement to move forward with God’s love.

Favorite Lines:

No amount of pain in the past can surpass His plans to prosper you and make you whole.

When we ask [God] to teach us to be more patient, to be more kind, to be more loving, and to be more forgiving, He would send us people who are hard to love. The problem is we give up too easily, especially with people. We think they are the ones who need to change not knowing that it is us whom God is changing.

Figuring when [something] is going to happen—that’s God’s job. Making things happen is still God’s job. Carrying you from one season to another is unquestionably still God’s job. You are God’s personal business.

Let’s be clear. You have everything you need in Christ.

There will be days that you will struggle to find anything for which you will be grateful for, but then sometimes, we need to remember that we can and should be grateful even for a good cry.

Enjoy the overflowing emotions as you read.

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