My God is the God of this Nation

Politics has been the morning coffee (tea might not apply because coffee is every Filipino’s drink) of almost all the Filipinos for the past months. Even myself have been very vocal about it in my circle of friends, and have also been talking, and reading articles about it almost every day. Even though there are many great and good things happening given the current administration, there are also big issues that have been the talk of the town for years, and at times at 2am, I still ask God the question that most of us ask: God, why?

At this point, I would try to avoid enumerating both the horrible issues that has been attacking humanity, and the positive results of the current administration that might cover up their mistakes. Yet I just want to recognize that we have amazing laws. The problem lies in the implementation. Although I cannot speak the absolute truth in this area, I can see and feel that we are not, somehow, advancing, as a country.

We just had our election for 12 senatorial seats, and I am devastated and stressed about the results. None of our ideal senatorial candidates got a position and it is saddening to realize that the current issues are just going to continue for the next 3 years, or so, until the people at the top will be replaced, or if they’ll change. My hearts breaks because the candidates who are for the poor, for the Filipinos, those who are fighting for the country (or how they impose themselves to be because I believe in them and in their testimonies), never even got a position on the government.

Days before the election, I have included the election every time I have my night devotion. I prayed for a clean and peaceful election. I prayed for the candidates that I am rooting for to be the ones to bring change in our nation. I prayed that may this election be our inflection point to progress and unity. Yet two nights before the election, while having my devotion, I suddenly had a fearful thought.

What if my prayer will not be answered with a ‘yes’? What if God will not let my ‘ideal’ candidates win? What if, God will allow those corrupt, thieves, liar, and the irresponsible who knew nothing about the constitution, to govern?

These devastating thoughts came rushing and I can only utter with dread, God, we would really be in the worst state.

It was so frightening that I had more of these questions rushing to my mind.

What if God allow those kind of people to rule, so that Christians will have fear and urgency in preaching the gospel? What if allowing those candidates to win will bring more people to Him because they can only find assurance in hope in Him? What if, just like Jesus’ disciples, He will let us see Him transform the sinner into a saint, in the most impossible way?

What if, because of this event, His name will be lifted higher, and His glory will shine brighter, because we will see Him do great things that we never dreamed of witnessing?

I realized at that moment that, whatever God see fit, it will be done. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours. He always has the upper hand, He knows fully well what He is doing, and He knows fully well what our country needs and how to fix it.

Because we can’t. Nobody can’t.

Whatever the result it, what we can do now is continue doing what God called us to do. As Christians, politics is never the way to a better life, Jesus is. In fact, He is the only way. We can never put our hope in politics and the people in it. Let us keep our hope straight to the Lord and not in men, because even the most righteous one will fall. But God, He never will.

Amidst the chaos in the politics, let us keep sharing the good news that we enjoy today. Amidst the oppression people receive, let us show them that they are loved by the great God. Let us reach out to the poor, help them in many ways possible, and show them that the God we serve is not against them, but is for them. Let us keep sharing the eternal hope that we have, and keep on lifting these cares and burdens to the Lord.

Even though I personally find the result devastating, I still hold on to these three things.

First, this nation belongs to God. And if we let Him work in us, then change is really meant to happen, from the individuals to the totality of this country. A land that is fully surrendered to the Lord will be a bountiful and beautiful land.

Second, if God was able to turn the Apostle Paul from being a fanatical murder into a passionate missionary for His glory, He can still do it today, and even greater. He turn this corruption-inflicted nation into a godly and Christ-centered nation. Nothing is beyond God’s grace for repair. Actually, repair is an understatement, because whoever surrenders His life to Christ, will be made anew. Not only some cracks being fixed, but as a whole, a brand new and beautiful life is created.

Lastly, nothing can stop God from revealing Himself to us. If this means we will trust Him more, and we will draw to Him more, and we will draw people to Him all the more, then I would gladly submit. And I gladly submit because He never allows things to happen if they do not serve the purpose that He has meant for it to give—all for His glory, and for the good of His people. God puts purpose to whatever things He allow to happen.

If you’re reading this and might have lost hope right now, I encourage and remind you to pray and give it all to God. There is hope because we do not rely on any human being who does mistakes, including ourselves. A great future lies ahead because our great God is the God of this nation. The God who gave us individually the salvation that we badly needed, is the same God who will save this nation and His people. He will uplift us from all the conflicts, issues, and afflictions, this country has.

[Isaiah 55:8-9; Psalm 118:8; Romans 8:28; 2 Corinthians 5:17; John 14:6]

Mapalad ang bayan na iyong ibinukod.

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