Mere Christianity: My Personal Experience

Growing up in a Christian family doesn’t guarantee you heaven. We all know that salvation comes from faith alone. I just wanna say that before I tell you something about me.

Basically, I grew up from a Christian family. Going to church every Sunday was like a chore I must do. I was exposed to the Bible, and its teachings.

Trust me when I tell you that I think 90% of the things I’ve learned doesn’t make sense to me. Yes I know them, I am informed, but it’s just too hard to accept some facts. You have to prove facts. And I just shrugged them off cause you know, faith is beyond understanding.

I still have a lot of questions going on, but attending church is something I cannot stop because that’s how I was brought up since childhood. Or maybe it’s just an excuse so that I could still receive some favor from supposed to be an infinite being.

And if I was not, I could just guess how can I be someone opposite of what I am today because of those questions. Maybe a devout atheist in the worst case. I do not know. Because what I know is that I can be someone who could just depend on my own thinking, and would stand on them even when I know somehow there are some absurdity on my arguments.

There came a day when I was in college when I understood that faith doesn’t only transcends understanding, but it is also peace beyond questions unanswered.

Although if everything about God needs to be understood at all, then what sense would there be for faith? Because if you trust God just because you understood everything, then it’s not trusting at all.

It doesn’t mean you’re staying to be ignorant about it, but it’s trusting and believing that Someone out there has been existing to love you, a love that’s rare, yet enough, for us not to pursue understanding of everything.

And I felt that. Not a supernatural feeling where cold winds blow and it gives you chills. It’s a warm feeling that I felt from people who surrounds me that time. Those people who showed me that trusting God doesn’t mean you’re just trusting Somebody because you couldn’t be someone special unless you have Him. But instead, you could trust that Somebody because there’s no other way why people could have had compassion and kindness towards you unless that Someone exists, that pushes them to do so.

Having this faith, I kept those questions in mind but prayed to God not to let those questions take me away from Him. And if one day I have found some answers to my questions, I hope that my faith will be stronger.

Why did Jesus have to be a man? But why should He also needs to be God? And why did God allowed sin when He is just going to save us one day?

These, which are rather easy, are just some of the many many questions I had and Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis has cleared a lot of them out my mind (although I already forgot some that I just remembered when I read them in his book).

Reading the book cannot be easy, at least for me. Every after paragraph, chapter, or even just some lines, I need to stop and rethink them over, and absorb them. It pays to analyze every point he makes because after an answered question comes another question. And he’s gonna try to explain it all for you. Yet I really wondered when after a series of questions, you’d have clarity instead of confusion.

There’s one thing I learned from this. Remember when I said I thought I could depend on my own? Now I realised that I was just a sculpture made by the greatest Creator. The moment I gave up the independence from the Maker, what was once a sculpture was given breath and life, and the chance to be somebody like Him.

Again, this is something that makes no sense aright? But that’s what love is.

I really suggest this book especially for the skeptical. You might have grown up from a Christian family but you still have a lot of questions, or you might have been converted yet was confused after some time, or you might have seen people who claimed to be Christians but are not evident in there lives, which makes you doubt about Christianity at all. And you might be thinking that being good alone is enough to live a fulfilling life, which you think why Christianity is of no use at all.

If you’re one of those, I suggest you read it soon.

Though it might answer some of your questions, some claims and assumptions are based on how Lewis understood and experienced Christianity. Some things might be considered more personal and if you choose your own definitions and claims, so be it, if that’s what God revealed to you.

About C.S. Lewis

Clive Staples Lewis is a British writer. He is the writer of the fantasy novel series Chronicles of Narnia. He was an atheist, with the unbelief of the the existence of a superior being for the reason that his mother wasn’t cured from cancer. He became a Christian after a friend of him named Owen Barfield, who is also a writer, together with the famous J. R. R. Tolkien, helped him to convert to Christianity and walk with God.

2 thoughts on “Mere Christianity: My Personal Experience”

  1. I could definitely relate on this. I would even get scolded or dragged by my mom just to go to church. I grew up with the church and up to now, i’m still hesitant to fully accept Jesus and embrace christianity.


    1. It’s okay. I know God is working in you on process but it’s your personal choice if you really would love to have that great relationship with Him. Just know that you’re always welcome in His presence anytime. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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