Sometimes, resting from your ministry is a wise decision.

I am someone who grew up in a church and I’ve met a lot of people serving full time. Some served as teachers in the kids church, some in the music team, and some of them were my idols.

Doing ministry must be so cool, I thought.

When I was in high school, I joined the mob and became part of the music team in our local church, because as a Christian, you gotta serve, right? I was always excited and enthusiastic about it. Who doesn’t? Admit it, serving does make you a bit famous.

But later on, doing ministry became a regular thing for me, just something not that special. Sometimes it tires me and I thought I was doing it for God. No, I was doing it because people sees, because that’s they expected to see.

I didn’t realize then that going to church became just a habit and serving in front of the congregation seems like an obligation. I was happy, I must say, since I love music. But I guess God wasn’t, at all. He knew my heart too well. And that went on until I entered college.

Living away from home, I attended another church near the campus. There was a long time I went far from God and I became a church goer, but to make the story short, years later, I decided to join the ushering ministry and here are the words that I could never forget during the orientation:

If ever you come to a point where you think you’re already walking away from God, don’t be afraid to tell us. We want to give you a rest from the ministry and let you focus with God.

That’s when I realize that even when you spend your whole day working for God, you should not forget that your relationship with God should come first.

These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.
Matthew 15:8

That’s literally how I felt during my high school years. I was focused on performing for others, for myself. I was so busy playing pretend in front of the church that me and God are doing okay. I was so busy declaring how good God is, but was actually missing out that goodness in my life.

I wasn’t really growing. I may look mature in my ministry but I was emotionally and spiritually immature.

So here’s the point. When you barely got time for God, that’s when detaching yourself from serving God in church is a wise decision.

Take a rest.

Doing ministry is a good thing. Honestly, God’s one purpose for us is to serve in the community where He placed us in. Yet too much of it actually can hinder our spiritual growth.

We might not realize it but even when God is our reason in everything we do, when our quality time with Him is declining, then we gotta stop what we’re doing.

Give yourself a break from your ministry and give more of your time to God.

This time, put everything aside. Read His word, talk to Him more. Pray and try to know Him more. Let your heart be in line with His, and your mind be in one with His. Once you’re ready, you can always go back into serving His people, with the goal of glorifying God in heaven.

Focus on God.

Do not focus on the work. Focus on the One whom you’re working for. Let your eyes see only His ways. Let your ears here only His sweet words. Because our lives should be all about Him. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL OF US.

When our hearts deviates from God, we feel stressed out, pressured, and obligated, which makes us unproductive and ineffective. The way we do things are not fueled by love anymore, rather everything becomes a law to us that we should fulfill.

We are supposed to worship God in everything that we do. We are to give Him the glory, not to ourselves or to other people. We should serve not to gain people’s recognition (to look cool on stage, and be famous), but to reflect God’s love for us back to Him.

Therefore, holy brother, partners in a heavenly calling, keep your focus on Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession.
Hebrews 3:1

More than doing our part, God wants our heart.

More than our produce, He wants our focus.

More than our intention, He wants out attention.

So take a rest and get your focus back to God.

Us spending time with God, growing our intimacy with Him, will replenish our hearts with the right fuel and give us strength for His glory. And this time, we can do our ministry excellently, making Him the center of everything.

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