22 Things

1. The influence the people has on you will create standards on your head, which sometimes you might not be conscious about. The next thing you know, there’s already pressure to constantly chase some others things that aren’t necessarily important. Then you’ll end up being stressed and anxious more often. Forget about other’s approval. Forget about your own approval. You’ll realize that there’s only person that you have to please—God.

2. A lot of times that you want people to validate your feelings and thoughts. Because it is difficult to be different amidst the crowd, you wear a mask that would fit in. But eventually, you get suffocated and so you isolate yourself. Don’t worry, just call God. He will meet you right there and then.

3. You are somebody in Christ’s body. In and through Christ, you are someone with purpose.

4, Tiredness temps us to just give up and go back. In those times, allow God to speak to you and remember that Jesus did not stop in the middle of His procession to the Calvary. He continued taking up that cross with you on His mind. So go on and fight with God.

5. When God called you, it’s not because you are capable of doing something. He called you because He wants to mold and use you for His glory, and for your own good. Unqualified, He will make you qualified when He calls you.

6. What really makes a person great is humility and wisdom, not fame nor your name, not big words but service.

7. There will be that time when you will become sensitive with people. You will start caring and valuing people’s lives around you, because with everything that you have experienced, you realize that life is too short to be full of despise, isolation, and uncaring-ness.

8. You will have to take a leap of faith to do what you’re meant to do even when it’s something you’re not fond of doing. You have to go and leave your comfort zone. You have to push yourself to be uncomfortable so that you can obey God’s calling for your life. It will make sense along the way.

9. You’ll learn that there are people who will only be there for a season. Regardless of how much you value them, or how much they value you, they will eventually go and leave. And in that case, you’ll be able to learn to thank God for their lives because at some point, they were part of your journey to becoming someone God is making out of you.

10. Do what makes you happy will not be your life’s motto. When you’re in Christ, it will be Do what makes Jesus happy.

11. You’ll be nervous and anxious while waiting for God’s perfect timing. Yet it is nervousness and anxiousness along with pure joy because of excitement. The God-centered process of waiting is just so beautiful.

12. Receiving blessings lesser than what you have prayed for doesn’t give you the right to be ungrateful. If He gave you something, that is really meant for you. The setback is, you don’t really have to find out why. The comeback is, you can always trust Him and be grateful because you are His child.

13. Forgiving must be really so hard when you’re the one who felt pain the most, and when the offender doesn’t feel sorry at all. However, if God has loved and has forgiven us while we were still sinners, even while we haven’t known Him yet, then there’s no reason for us to say no to forgiving.

14. Our definition of defeat might be God’s definition of success. Maybe God is just protecting us from something destructive. If God allowed it, defeat in some ways is actually victory, just like our defeat to ourselves to let God win our heart.

15. You don’t need to judge people to be able to express your own beliefs. Extend your grace and patience by listening what others have to say because you’re not really entitled to your own opinion, rather you’re responsible for it.

16. Speaking with wisdom isn’t all about having great and complicated words to say. It’s being able to connect to people.

17. Not everyone will be on your side. Sometimes, the people who we want to support us is on the other side of the bridge. But if God called you to go on on that road, you have to choose who you want to be your company along the way. When yo ponder on it, you’ll surely know who to go with.

18. At some point, you may not like where you are, but trust the Lord and you’ll see the purpose. One day, you’ll thank God for creating you wonderfully for such a time as this.

19. If you let people heal you, you’ll end up more destroyed than ever. Only your maker knows how to form you without a hint of destruction and hurting. In Christ, you are made brand new, you are given new beginnings. There’s only one Person you can lean on.

20. If that pain you’re feeling is caused by obedience to God, then you have to embrace it. In Him, there’s joy in pain. There’s peace in hurting. There’s celebration in losses. There’s gratefulness in rejection.

21. Rebuke is always noted as a negative insight of our performance. However, let yourself consume that rebuke for your maturity. If it comes from God, surely it is for you to grow and bloom. These people risked their relationship with you just so you get to know your flaws and shortcomings. Let that rebuking build you up.

22. Faith means being able to trust without reasons and logic. You just have to force yourself to do it even when it doesn’t make sense. And you’ll see that it’s better than understanding everything.

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