Letters of Solana

Several months after I made this blog, while surfing online, I met the blog Joena Says. While browsing, I’ve learned that the author, Ms. Joena San Diego was currently writing a book, and I immediately got attached. So I waited for it. Months after, I got to order a copy and was able to read it, passionately.

This book seems like a low-key one but is actually so dense and full of life. Honestly, it speaks life. It is not my hobby to give reviews for books that I’ve read but let me tell you something about this book of letters: Compassion is all over it.

Just to give you an idea about this book, this is a book of Thirty Letters Of Scattered New Beginnings. These letters are written by Solana which means light, and in this book, light is of different forms. Some letters are addressed by the person who’s reading it (it seems like you’re reading your own letter addressed to yourself), some are God’s words for you, and some are declarations from a third person, telling you truths about God and how to live a life worth honoring to Him.

As I was reading this book, there were actually lines or bunch of sentences that were rewritten or paraphrased. At first, I thought that it must the the author/editor’s mistake (e.g. some lines in Letter #23 are also in Letter #25). However, when I read it the second time, it was intentionally rewritten (or I would like to think about it as that). The second time you read it, it became a reminder, a warning, and a conviction.

So while I was reading every letter, I was also writing some statements and realizations and let me share them to you.

My Notes on Thirty Letters

Letter #1 Honestly, you have nowhere to go if you keep on running away. Go to where God is leading you.

Letter #2 It isn’t always too late for you to come back. God will genuinely welcome you now. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve gone away, look back, He is just a step behind you.

Letter #3 Genuine love doesn’t look for the right or wrong person. It just works to anyone. Because true love doesn’t take records of wrongs.

Letter #4 You are not a victim, rather, a victor. God brought you that battle for you to fight it with Him.

Letter #5 Go because God is with you. In Him, we are not only safe, we are also secured.

Letter #6 God works out His plans for you. It’s unique. You don’t have to compare your growth with others. Focus your heart to God.

Letter #7 Let that offense help you grow. Don’t let it crush you. There is wisdom for offenses and wisdom give you life, it is healing to your soul and life to your dry bones.

Letter #8 Choose to fight the battles that God brought you to fight. You’ll surely win, with Him, for Him.

Letter #9 God will change your heart to be in line with His. It’s about letting Him fill you so that you’ll be less of yourself.

Letter #10 Mercy transcends judgement. Love is the greatest.

Letter #11 Even you yourself cannot comfort you. God is enough of a reason for you to be healed and be restored.

Letter #12 Isolation doesn’t heal you. You’re an empty cup that needs a substance for you to be filled. Open your heart to God. He alone can feel you and make you overflow with grace and love.

Letter #13 God’s single yes is still greater than a thousand people’s no.

Letter #14 God will give you a man that will lead you to Him. Wait for him.

Letter #15 Your value was declared on the cross. Don’t settle for less than what God prepared for you.

Letter #16 You can’t give up now yet. God will still reveal the purpose of it all. Stay on the right track and let Him lead you.

Letter #17 Allow God to use your current situation to move mountains. Talk to Him. He knows what to do.

Letter #18 Sometimes God will use pain to clean us so that our old self will be replaced by a healed and redeemed person. After the breaking is a breakthrough.

Letter #19 More than the victory at the end of the process, there is real joy in a God-guided process. In His will, everything comes to the right set up.

Letter #20 Please love regardless of anything because that’s what we are called to do.

Letter #21 God is our ultimate restorer.

Letter #22 It’s okay to move slow. There is joy in the journey. You’re not where you used to be. Keep calm. You’re getting there.

Letter #23 God meets you at your mess. Let Him heal you. Let Him be your standard of love and forgiveness.

Letter #24 You are God’s and He is responsible for you. You just have to surrender your plans so that He can work out His in you. It is sure because you are forever pursued with love.

Letter #25 God has been and will always be with you. It will always be an assurance, peace, and source of joy in our walk whatever season we may be.

Letter #26 Sometimes we get tired, choose to give up and just accept the fact that at least we’ve gone this far. But at that moment, instead of giving up in the journey, give up your burdens to God. Doors will be opened not until you’re heart does first.

Letter #27 The moment you let God handle your situation is the moment you’ve already won.

Letter #28 You are the reason of Jesus’ unsightly death because of His beautiful love. So when you’re lost, go back to where your altar is.

Letter #29 Celebrate in very step of faith. Every season, you are a step in your growth. In that small progress, God is pleased. In God’s perfect timing, you will bloom.

Letter #30 God has never doubted everything about you even for a blink of an eye. He has chosen you to be a recipient of His love and that He is forever sure.

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.
Romans 11:36

Favorite Lines

“Let your heart rest in the fullness of joy in God’s presence.” (Letter #4)

“Let the scar reminds you of how you have been healed, forgiven, and renewed.” (Letter #8)

“You need a man who risks being hated by you if it means bringing you closer to a woman you are growing to be.” (Letter #14)

“Getting hurt is nothing for Him compared to spending the rest of eternity with us.” (Letter #20)

“Depression make someone blind from the blessings and drags her down… but God’s presence alone heals and restores.” (Letter #21)

“You are most beautiful when you are in love. You are most beautiful when you are in My love.” (Letter #24)

“We’re able to forgive because He has released forgiveness even before we have sinned.” (Letter #27)

I hope you had or you’ll have fun reading the book, too. If you have any reflections on it, you can share it below. 🙂

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