A Man Who Genuinely Loves Pursues

You surely intimidate guys.”

Well, yeah, I get that a lot. As a lady in her early 20s, it’s already usual for me to get comments like the whys that I’m still single and the hows so that I could find someone. And those people who have known me often tell me that the latter is already far from possible because they say guys just become intimidated by my being.

Maybe it’s because I’m studying in the country’s premier university, or maybe because I know playing instruments when in fact I’m just in the average. Or maybe because I’m a Christian and I’m all about God?

Enough with the I‘s, people often describe me as the intelligent and kindhearted girl with talents. Though, I’m really no extra, and undeserving, I am saved and loved through the overflowing grace of God.

But then people came like guys will surely be intimidated and it’ll be hard for them to pursue you and sometimes I get something like no one would even dare to pursue you.

Which is kind of offensive and it honestly pained me a bit. Sometimes it feels like I’m victim blamed. Yet, let me do a heads up and say, that’s good because I don’t need a guy who is intimidated.

Let’s first put the guy issue aside. Basically, who wants somebody that’s intimidated? Is it for fame, pride or confidence because you’re feeling a superiority complex inside? But really, is there any point to that?

What I need is a person who can talk to me freely. I need a person who can rebuke me when I’m standing at the wrong place. I need a person who can inspire and encourage me when I’m feeling down. I need a person who can draw me closer to God and remind me of the cross whenever I feel like I’m walking away, compromising.

More often than not, we all need those kind of people, people who can build us up. That’s why God would like us to be connected to a Christian community, to help us grow.

A man who genuinely loves pursue.

And about that intimidated man? A man that truly loves will rise up to pursue.

Regardless of the social, educational attainment, cultural and traditional differences, a guy who genuinely loves pursues.

So, if there’s an opportunity for self-development and growth and a lot of room for learning, thinking about somebody who might get intimidated should not be the one to pull you back from becoming great.

And hey, if God planned for you to be together, who and what can ever ruin?

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