To You Who Want to Give Up

Someone has to say this. The going you have right now is rough. The burden must be weighing you down. And none of us can fully understand your pain.

It’s okay. You have the right to feel anything. But please don’t let your them dictate your identity. Don’t let your emotions control your direction. Don’t let your anxiety rule over you that you would want to escape life and just end everything.

Your feelings can really be problematic. They may be real but they aren’t always the truth.

Let me tell you that don’t have to fight against it just because you should not feel that way. Rather, your feelings are valid. They demand to be felt, yet they are as much made to be surrendered to the Lord. It will take time. It’s not gonna be easy. But amidst your feelings, right there and then, peace and joy are possible when you pray in faith.

Here are a few words from the Bible telling you that you are not alone in the battle field. I don’t have the right words to encourage you but God always has them.

I pray that these Words will speak right up to your heart and give you life. God loves you so much that He is willing to take those heavy feelings and remove them from your shoulders. I pray that these will remind you that God is with you and He assures you that everything will be alright in His right time. And you will win strong, with Him.

1. Matthew 11:28

2. John 16:33

3. Psalm 55:22

4. Deuteronomy 31:8

5. 1 Peter 5:7

6. Isaiah 41:10

7. Romans 12:12

God will always be here for you. He fully understands what you’re going through. Let God be your support and let Him carry you through. Let Him be the lifter of your head and let His light shine upon your face.

I know it’s easier said than done but let your sadness bring you closer to Him. You still have a great future ahead. And in the future, you’ll just be able to see today as a great testimony of the goodness of God.

Know that somebody loves you with an eternal love. He loves you enough to give you rest, peace, joy, strength, and victory.

Please, don’t give up today. Rest, but don’t give up.

A stranger who prays for you from afar.

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