Be Completely Sold Out

We are fully aware that after we became Christians, we’ll face more storms in life. If you’re not aware, then you are now. (Yes, “in this world, you will have many tribulations“. But thank God we can take heart because He has “overcome the world“.)

And probably one of the many battles that we commonly have is our battle against sin. Christianity doesn’t assure us that we won’t sin anymore, however, it enables us to fight against it victoriously.

Yes, we have a constant battle with our sinful nature but I wanted to tell you today that you are completely sold out from sin because God already bought us with a price—His precious Son’s blood.

But sometimes, we get too familiar with these truths that we fail to appreciate the greatness what our Lord Jesus has done. Yes, I am sinner. Yes, someone died for me. And yes, I don’t have to sin anymore. It just feels normal now.

Each day, we fail to recognize that mind blowing and overwhelming truth, causing us to wake up thinking just how to get through the day and take a good rest at night. We forget to rejoice beyond our usual routine because we get too familiar with Jesus saving us.

So let me elaborate some stuff.

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the richness of His grace.
Ephesians 1:7 ESV

We are so much guilty.

Didn’t you realize? If we sin still even when we are already in Christ, then how sinful are we really before we became someone new? As stated in the verse, we are trespassers. We commit crimes against God. We broke His heart—and not your typical breaking of hearts.

Imagine that He provided for us. The air that we breathe, the oceans and seas which we enjoy during summer. The rain, the sunshine, and even the animals. We couldn’t live without them, could we? He provided them and yet, we chose to do what He forbid us to do.

But God chose us to redeem from it. During the time of the Apostle Paul, redeeming something pertains to redeeming slaves.

Yes, the phrase “We have redemption…” tells us that we were once slaves. Slaves to what?

Sin. (Romans 6:17)

What a hurtful truth. Who would want to be slaves and go around following every order and rule that sin gives?

Moreover, we were not merely slaves to some little sin that a penny could amount to. How great our sins are that no value of money, gold, silver or diamonds can redeem us.

All the treasures of this world combine would not be able to redeem a single soul from being a slave. Nothing but Jesus’ blood can equate the ransom demanded by sin, nothing more and nothing less. A deeper stab in the heart this time.

Indeed, how guilty are we?

However, thankfully, we don’t have to be slaves all throughout our lives and end up suffering from the consequences that awaits us—especially hell. Jesus, whose blood is the only payment for our sins made a personal choice: to die for us.

He could choose not to, but He did.

We are so much forgiven.

He let His blood flow out of the wounds pierced by nails as payment for our sins. He suffered on the cross, and experienced the death that we should have died.

Imagine, the only Son of God, who is divine, powerful and majestic, went through shame, and was beaten, mocked and scorned.

That picture made Him looked like someone not honoring. His body full of stripes, made Him someone not worthy to look at. His head with a crown of thorns looked like someone not worthy of our praise, right?

Yet how beautiful it is that the very thing that’s shameful for man’s eyes shows the glory and perfect love of God.

He endured all of those to show us that we are forgiven no matter how guilty we are. No matter what the degree of our sin is, even when He knew since the beginning, He chose to redeem us.

You and me, we’re bought already bought by the blood of Jesus.

As far as the east is from the west, so far does he remove our transgressions from us.
Psalm 103:12 ESV

And not only merely forgiven for the sins that we’ve done but also for the sins that we will still be doing. His gift of forgiveness doesn’t end when we commit another sin or two after accepting Jesus as our savior.

Man, it would be so difficult when every time we sin, His grace fall short! But that is a big NO! Our God is never limited. His grace is abounding. His grace, love and mercy are so rich that He had forgiven all of the whole world’s sins, be it in the past or in the future.

And we don’t have to suffer from it anymore. We may once be slaves to sin but now, we are all slaves to righteousness. We are the adopted sons and daughters of the good good Father through Jesus Christ.

So we can win against sin victoriously. We can flee from every temptation. We can overcome.

In Christ, our lives are changed. We can live life free from bondage.

But thanks be to God, that you who were once slaves of sin have become obedient from the heart to the standard of teaching to which you were committed, and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness.
Romans 6:17-18

As Christians, we may have more trials but keep in mind that those are trials worth fighting for the Lord. Sin, our greatest enemy, may come to battle against in this corrupted world but don’t be shaken.

Stand firm on the truth that Jesus has already bought you from sin with His blood.

Dear fellow Christian, tell the enemy today the you are already completely sold out!

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