Don’t Rely On What You Read Online

It’s somehow ironic when I advertise my write-ups online for the people to read, but encourage them to “not rely on what you read online”. But if ever I need to explain anything, this just basically means not to use online blogs and writings as your main source of God’s Word, unless what you’re reading is an online Bible. Aside from the Bible, you wouldn’t really receive the fullness of what God has to say.

I first created this blog with the influence from the western Christian bloggers and vloggers. Sadie Roberton and Emma Jenkins are the very few of my inspirations to build this space where you’re reading on.

After creating this site, and recycling my Facebook page that I created last 2016, that’s when I decided to explore Filipino Christian bloggers, and viola! There are actually many of them! I found my now favorite writer and motivational speaker, Jervy Fermin (who I’m friends with, now! Who would’ve thought, right???), and writer Jonalyn San Diego. I first found their WordPress blogs and I have been deeply inspired then.

As the years went on, I discovered many more Filipino Christian artists, content creators, bloggers, name them, some even became my online friends! (I’m really grateful for knowing them as it has been a privilege for me.) Sometimes, even my news feed is already full of Christian contents, which is really good! Just imagine how far sharing Jesus online can go.

Yet sometimes, this makes me wonder. With all these Christian contents flooding online, do people still read the foundation and simplest form of these encouragements from the ultimate source? Or do they just open Facebook and depend on what will they discover online? Do they just read these online contents to encourage themselves? Or do they still spend time reading the Bible to truly know the Lord and His heart?

People around have already so much to say. There were even few “christian” pages that only speak about prosperity but doesn’t really preach the gospel. Some only encourage people with how valuable and worthy they are, but not pondering on how Jesus saved the unworthy and undeserving sinners. Some preach about living a good and happy life, and not the take-up-your-cross-daily kind of Christian living.

There are many different views and contents, even in my own blog site and social media accounts alone. I hope that as you read on this blog post, you’d be encouraged to go back to the ultimate Word breathed by God Himself. I hope that after this (actually, even right now, at this moment), you’d be pushed to get your Bible and read them just as raw and simple as it is, and ask God to reveal Himself to you.

If you read the Bible, God tells us a lot of times that we should read and study His word and delight in it. However, it doesn’t always happen as we, humans, fail almost all of the time.

The most common excuse why we choose not to read His powerful word is familiarity. Second, we let hurry hinder us to open it. Third, it feels like an obligation. Lastly, which is sometimes common now, we depend on what others say about God and the Bible through the online contents.

Sometimes we think that we already know Him enough, so we stop seeking more of Him. There are also times that because of responsibilities, we cannot even open the Bible app in our smartphones for even a minute. Or we just want to scroll endlessly on our social media and thinking that having read a one post about God for about 10 seconds, you’ve already done enough of worshiping Him through the day.

And a lot of times, we just feel obligated because we’re Christians. Let’s be honest, it happens. I get that. I personally have felt the same thing.

But the fact is, God doesn’t really need us to read it for His own good. His supremacy doesn’t need to be validated by us reading His commands, who He is, and what He’s like.

Reading the Bible has much more to do with us than with God. Because apparently, the Bible is for our own good!

He is for us.

Let me share to you the importance and effects of reading the Word in our lives, which I learned from one of our church’s pastors.

The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.
The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.
The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart.
The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.
Psalm 19:7-8 ESV

His word revives the soul.

In Psalm 19:7, David said that the ‘law of the Lord is perfect’. God’s word, which we refer to as our spiritual bread, revives our soul because it is perfect, none like any other. In times of emotional distress, God’s perfect Word comforts and assures us. It reminds us that He is greater than what we are worrying about.

His perfect word saves everyday. We don’t have to spend our time worrying if God can ever handle our situation or not. His word is full of testimonies and witnesses that say nothing is impossible in Him. We know He can, and He will!

His word makes wise the simple.

God’s word is sure. Every word, principle, and teaching in the Bible is verified, confirmed, it is true. And thus, when we meditate on it, we will be able to think simply and be wise.

The simple minded person who easily believes and trusts just anybody’s opinion will become wise to know the difference between the world’s and God’s voice.

And the person who is wise and having understanding of his own apart from God, will think simply such that even if it doesn’t make sense in this world, he can trust God because He is faithful.

God gives wisdom to through His Word.

His word rejoices the heart.

Every instruction in the Bible, coming from a perfect and good King, is just and upright, it gives joy. That is not just some kind of one-minute, superficial happiness.

We can experience great, unexplainable joy, not only when the sky is clear, but also during the storms. There’s joy because we know that God is our refuge and strength, even when our ship is being tossed greatly by the wind and waves.

His word enlightens the eyes.

The whole Bible, being written by different authors living in different period of time, is pure—without blemish, no stain of any sorts.

It’s cleanness will make us realize and be well-informed that we are all sinners and thus in need of a savior. His word is so pure such that it emphasizes how dirty and ugly and messed up our life is.

But His word is just so pure such that it reaches out to us and offers us purity. By believing that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins, our sins will be washed away.

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.
Though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.
Isaiah 1:18

Meditating on God’s word is not just something that should be taken for granted. As the enemy continues to temp and attack us, His word is the best weapon in the battle.

While the enemy would want us to be stagnant Christians, God’s word will help us grow in our faith. As we take on the road that God has prepared for us to be the person He has called us to be.

So let us commit into reading His word, just as we are committing in our relationship with Him.

Our Father loves to be known by us.

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