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His Breath of Grace is created and authored by yours truly, Hanna. Its purpose is mainly to express her faith and experiences, to share God’s grace that He breathed into her, and to speak truth about His love.

May God’s word be alive in this space.

May this blog be a part of your faith journey, to maturity, to spiritual growth, to love people and God more and more. May every word and letter speak to you with grace and love; may they touch your heart deeply. May you find blessing from every corner.

I hope that you will stay here more often and longer. I hope that you will meet and experience every word. And I hope that you will meet God and see His glory, confirmation, and love in this space.

I hope you’ll find what your soul needs.

The Ambassador’s Letter

The Ambassador’s Letter is the newsletter by His Breath of Grace. The second issue of the first volume, called Divergent, talks about counter-culture Christian lifestyle, being different in this modern world.

About the Author

Hanna is from the Philippines, currently in her 20s. She is in the field of Mathematics, taking her masters, and is passionate about her faith. She grew up in a Christian family but only started living in knowing the Lord in her late teenage years.

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